Isn't an informed candidate a better hire in the long run?

Our model in a nutshell: 


We represent top-performing bankers considering a career move similar to how an agent represents a star athlete or a movie star.


We help our clients vet potential employers and empower them to make the best possible choice based on their individual career goals.


The bank that lands them pays our fee.


Please consider these pros and cons for doing business with us.

Cons:   (Bad news first, right?)


You will likely be in competition with other banks for the services of our client.


Here's the thing... the vast majority of the time, if you're interviewing a quality candidate, you're in competition for them anyways. You just may or may not know about it.


There is a fee.


We charge a third of our client's guaranteed first-year compensation. The fee is only paid in the event that you hire our client.


If you end up owing us a fee... that means you've landed a top performer who is almost always generating 7 figures+ (often much more) in revenue year-over-year. They will have chosen you over other options and will be well informed of what challenges they're stepping into.


Now compare that to the typical hire that you've paid a recruiting agency for.






You will have access to the best quality of talent.


We offer a unique value proposition that positions us to be very attractive to top performers considering a career move.


It's essentially, "Let's leverage your performance history and the fact that you're in demand to get you in front of a few different banks and help you vet them so that you make the best choice... oh and you don't have to pay us."


Furthermore, our model dictates that we be selective with taking on clients as we don't get paid unless a bank chooses to hire them. Therefore, we only represent bankers that most banks would love to hire.

If you land our client, you're getting someone who has made an empowered and informed selection after carefully considering other options.


It's normal for both the candidate and the bank to showcase the best version of themselves during the interview process. Which often can lead to a bad fit which comes with an enormous cost to both sides. We help our clients and banking partners go deeper during the evaluation process, without wasting time, to ensure a great fit.


(93% of our clients report that after 18 months in their new role, they would accept the job again if offered today, even with the benefit of hindsight.) 

If you don't land them because they choose another bank over you, you'll learn why.


Because our clients agree to an exclusive relationship to be represented by us, we're in a unique position to offer you a postmortem on why the banks you compete with for top talent could be beating you.


This is competitive intelligence unavailable to you from recruiters.

We offer a one-year money-back guarantee on our fee.


Good luck getting that deal from a recruiter, who usually relies on short-term replacement-only guarantees.


We can confidently offer this to our banking partners because our clients make fully informed decisions after doing their due diligence.


They are going to walk in with their eyes wide open to the challenges in contrast to most new hires who always feel like they're waiting for "the other shoe to drop" once they start.