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Josh Hickock

Managing Partner

Josh represents top bankers like an agent represents an in-demand athlete. He also helps banks optimize so they can attract top talent.

The early part of Josh's career was been spent as one of the most productive banking recruiters in the United States.

In July of 2000, he moved to New York City from San Diego and at 18 became the youngest person ever hired by Objective Solutions International, a Manhattan-based financial services executive search firm. There he began his focus on identifying top-performers in banking and finance.

In 2002 he was recognized by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for providing a solution for banks that were displaced due to the 9/11 attacks by creating a triage recruiting division that made Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity experts quickly available to the organizations that needed them so that they could get back to business.

Josh returned home to San Diego in 2005 and went to work for Armstrong Financial Group, a well-respected banking search firm.

Seeing gaps in how bankers manage their careers as well as banks' hiring practices, Josh created Work Empowered in 2009 to help both banks and bankers manage the evaluation process in ways that lead to more career fulfillment for the banker and hiring better long term fits for the banks.

Now with over 20 years of experience in helping bring together great bankers and great banks, Josh has become a career confidante to several of the best bankers in the US and a go-to resource for banks needing some tough love on cleaning up their hiring practices in a way that yields attracting the best people.

While Josh enjoys the freedom of being his only employee, it wouldn't be accurate to say he doesn't lean on the support of his team.

Josh is grateful to have the contributions of a diverse group of brilliant partners ranging from banking productivity experts, compensation strategists, assessment experts, and communications facilitators.

Depending on a bank's unique needs, Josh assembles the best team for the job.