I don't want to compete with you.

I want to partner with you.


Hint: I treat my partners very very well. (details below)

Most recruiters look at HR and Talent Acquisition as the enemy.


They want to go around them or beat them to the punch on a candidate.


Grrr... Those pesky errr enthusiastic recruiters!


I'm not a recruiter.


I represent top 1% performers in banking like an agent would represent a top athlete or movie star.


The type of candidate that just about every bank would be thrilled to hire.


My clients usually end up in positions created just for them.


Not already open positions that you're trying to fill.


They sign exclusive agreements with me to represent them to a handful of banks they would like to consider working for and to help them make the best choice based on what's important to them.


They don't apply to banks directly or work with recruiters.


So these are not candidates that would be in your pipeline anyways.


That's quite different from the typical recruiter who scours LinkedIn for jobs you post and tries to compete with you to fill them.


When I have a client interested in considering your bank... I'll contact you in the early stages to allow you to be involved from the beginning and take credit for helping to facilitate what could be a game-changing hire.


Here's the deal... I'm aware that helping me get my candidates in the door at your bank doesn't always support you in hitting your individual performance goals...

(other than making you look really smart by taking the lead on landing such a candidate for your bank.)


That's why I created an incentive program for partnering with me! (the carrot)


*This is for you personally. These credits follow you even if you change employers!


Platinum Partner = 3 successful hires


I have crazy high standards for the clients I represent. Only the top 1% performers in banking.


I have to turn away most people who want my representation. 


These are folks that could be a great fit for your open jobs even though they aren't a fit for me.


Therefore, if you're a Platinum Partner, I will send you super warm leads for you to follow up with!


Diamond Partner = 5 successful hires


If you become a Diamond Partner, you're coming with us on our Diamond Partner Appreciation Cruise!


This year, we're going to the Bahamas!


You'll have a freaking blast and network with other TA leaders from across banking.


We'll even sprinkle in a couple of casual workshops on recruiting tactics so that you can try to pull off calling it work-related or training and development and just maybe not have the trip counted against your vacay time ;)




Are you in? No brainer, right?!


There is no need for you to read any further. Let's just jump on a quick call to discuss!



In the spirit of full disclosure... (the stick)


If you have no interest in rubbing shoulders on the open seas with other players in Talent Acq, getting free leads from me for positions you're recruiting for... or being applauded for bringing in a game-changing hire like our client would be for your bank...


We have to talk about "The Stick."


(I don't want you to feel blindsided.)


Beyond representing top bankers, I also consult with bank executives about how to plug the holes in their talent strategy that would lead to more top performers coming their way.


Can you guess how I win that business???


I lobby the executive teams and board members of banks that missed out on hiring our client even though we tried to get our client in front of their bank.


I detail how much revenue our client is now producing for the competition instead of for them.


(This really gets their attention.)


Next, I show them EXACTLY what led to this missed opportunity and WHO was responsible.


A typical example would be:


Someone in Talent Acq or HR dismissed advancing our client, who is now generating multiple millions in revenue for a competitor because they "don't work with third parties" or something along those lines.


This often leads to significant ire being directed to that individual from their executive team.


Usually, it's just a stern reminder about the importance of making profitable business decisions.


On a couple of occasions... something worse.


Anyways... I highly recommend the carrot.


Jump on a call with me to discuss partnering!