"The secret to my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world."

- Steve Jobs                  

Does your company feel this way?  Consider being part of our offering to people we represent.

Tidestreet is transforming how exceptional finance professionals make career moves. Companies that partner with us enjoy several benefits as a direct result of our unique approach.  If you choose to partner with Tidestreet you...

  • Gain access to the best people in your industry

Top performers love us.  Think about it.  It's not a well-kept secret who the best people are.  Therefore, they are constantly being recruited either by companies themselves or their recruiting partners.  To have an advocate that considers them the customer and helps them navigate an important career move based solely on what is the best fit for them is a welcome change to the status quo.

  • Receive useful feedback on how you measure up in the competition for the very best people

Exceptional people always have options.  Usually if they are committed to a change, they are interviewing with multiple companies through different recruiters or internal contacts.  When you lose out on someone, typically you don't get much more information other than they have accepted a position elsewhere.  We provide you exact feedback about why you were chosen or not chosen.  You can leverage this information to more effectively compete for the best people.

  • No Recruiting Fee

One of the top complaints of hiring managers these days is that they have been told they can't pay recruiters.  This drastically impacts their ability to recruit quality (and typically passive) candidates.  While you will have to account for the fact that our clients are paying us 10% of their pay, our research indicates that it is much more palatable to pay them more than to try to get recruiting fees approved. 

  • End up with a exceptional hire that chose you after making a well informed choice

We provide the people we represent with choice and information that would not be available to them through a traditional interview or recruiting process.  They step into a new role after carefully considering the benefits and challenges of all of their options.  Instead of feeling like they were sold something and waiting for "the other shoe to drop" after they start, they step in with their eyes wide open, ready to embrace the challenges.


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