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"At most companies, people spend 2% of their time recruiting and 75% of their time managing their recruiting mistakes."

- Richard Fairbank, CEO of Capital One, and a banking partner

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Purpose, Communication, and a Dash of Science

What would it take to transform your experience of work?

From Chairman of the Board to intern, our solutions empower banks and people to be their very best so they can get on with making a difference in their communities.

5 min read

Avoid Making a Hiring Blunder by Focusing on These 10 Areas (Part Two)

Okie-Dokie, let's dive back in.

In Part One, we explored Benchmarking, the Hiring Process, Recruiting vs. Staffing, and Behavioral Assessments.

Now, let's round out the list of...

7 min read

Avoid Making a Hiring Blunder by Focusing on These 10 Areas (Part One)

Not long ago, I was sitting across the desk from the guy I had just fired, waiting for him to respond. When he finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity, he sounded...

6 min read

How to Hire Better By Considering More Important Things Than Skills

I got my start as a recruiter during the dot-com boom. Back then, Java programmers were the most in-demand people in the country. To be the early bird that caught the worm, I had...